Tennis Rules & Information

Tennis Rules & Information

This page contains rules, information and general guidelines that all tennis members at Warwick Boat Club should take note of.

The tennis section constitution is downloadable by clicking here

Dogs at WBC
We request that only well-behaved dogs on leads are brought to the club, please do not leave them unattended, and if they are continuously barking - please take them home - so that they do not disturb those members playing.   A gentle reminder that dogs are not permitted in the clubhouse.

  • Court Courtesy
  • Dress Code
  • Senior Status
  • Juniors
  • Visitors

Court Courtesy

ALL members are asked to adhere to the following courtesies:

  • Avoid distracting players on other courts.
  • Use the correct entrance gate and do not walk behind occupied courts during rallies. Wait until a rally has finished on the adjoining court before opening the gate for entering or exiting.
  • Try not to disturb players on other courts by loud conversations, shouting or talking at the net during changeovers.
  • As a courtesy to others it is requested that no mobile telephones be used on court.
  • All tennis balls should be of good quality and marked for identification. Identify the balls you are using and those in use on adjacent courts. Return those that are not yours, as soon as possible between rallies. Do not return a ball whilst the adjacent court is playing a point. Throw the ball to someone who is ready to receive it, or gently into their net or to the back of their court.
  • To avoid accidents never start, or continue to play if a ball is loose on the court. Try not to hit anyone with your shots; do not hit the ball after a rally is over and do not return a service that is clearly out, leave it or play it gently into the net.
  • In doubles, balls should be returned to the server's partner after rallies. Server’s partner should supply balls to server as needed.
  • Signal clearly and at once when a ball is out or when there is a let for any reason. Do not continue to play after a let or fault is called. Please do not return a serve that is clearly out.
  • Server should call the score after each rally is over, or just before they serve for the next point.
  • Acknowledge or shake hands with partner and opponents at the end of the match.
  • Take care not to walk mud onto the courts, or to leave litter, bottles or old tennis balls lying on courts.
  • When leaving, remove all belongings from the court area, including rubbish

Dress Code

Tennis attire is required on court at all times.

This must be recognised tennis clothing and footwear. During school sessions, school PE kit can be worn. Non-tennis clothing, for example running/training shoes, beachwear, sun tops and jeans, must not be worn on court.

Our aim with a clear dress code is to enrich every member’s experience of playing tennis at Warwick Boat Club by keeping standards high and aligned with the wider world of tennis.


Senior Status

Junior Members may be awarded Senior Status by the Tennis Manager and Tennis Captain.

This recognises:

  • Individuals commitment to improving their game and progressing.
  • Their support to WBC, its goals and aims.
  • A standard of tennis acceptable to play competitively at a senior level.
  • A maturity and acceptable sportsman like manner both on and off court.

Juniors awarded Senior Status may attend Senior Mix-Ins and if selected may play team tennis representing the WBC.

Senior Status may also be withdrawn at the discretion of the Manager of Tennis and / or Tennis Captain.


Warwick Boat Club is primarily a family club. We have a strong junior coaching programme, which remains active throughout the year. We are also recognised as a national accredited mini tennis centre. The club has the 'Clubmark' accreditation, so it is recognised as being a centre of excellence for mini and junior tennis, and adheres to best practice in relation to child protection and health and safety.

We believe that The Warwick Boat Club’s future lies with the development of its young players and the club is firmly committed to youth development. This is evident in the array of courses and social fixtures that are set up by our Tennis Manager and the Coaches. We also visit many local schools, and coach students, many of which are invited to the club for further coaching and participation.

Our comprehensive coaching programme offers opportunities for development of 4 to 10 year olds with mini green, orange and red tennis courses. For our 10 to 16 year olds we run development and progression courses. We aim to provide opportunities for all our players to turn talent into achievement, whilst ensuring that our ethos remains that tennis should be fun and played in a relaxed family environment.

Our juniors have many opportunities for match play, including closed tournaments, box leagues, South Warwickshire squads and National junior club leagues.

Warwick Boat Club is family orientated with emphasis on social interaction involving both parents and children. There are regular opportunities through arranged activities to help with this aspect of club life.

For more information on our junior tennis programs and coaching, please contact:


  • Children MUST NOT be dropped off in Mill Street. Use the Banbury Road entrance.
  • There is NO pedestrian access to the club via the Mill Street vehicle access drive.

Visitor Policy

Visitors are welcome to come and play with a Member.

The accompanying Member is responsible for signing the Visitors Book on arrival at The Club.

The Clubspark booking system allows you to book and pay the requiaite fee. The Bar can also take the fee when open.

The Visitors fee is a minimum booking of 90 minutes and £6.

The maximum number of visits for any one person is 3 times in the calendar year.

Juniors under 18 are free if playing with a member, but the 3 visits a year rule applies.



  • £6 per visit
  • Under 18 free of charge

The Visitor Book is on the table by the telephone. The guest must sign in and then pay at the bar, in the office, online or by using the fee's slip and envelope provided. Place the sealed envelope with the cash into the box on the left hand side on entering the pavilion.