Club Facilities

Club Facilities

  • Location
  • Clubhouse
  • Bar, Kitchen & food
  • TV & meeting room
  • Changing rooms
  • Car Park


Warwick Boat Club is situated in the historic heart of a Grade 1 listed conservation area in Mill Street. The grounds, surrounded by trees on two sides, gently, slope down to the River Avon next to the magnificent Medieval Warwick Castle.

The grounds, which include a variety of trees and shrubs, comprise 11 first-class all-weather artificial grass tennis courts, two boatsheds next to the river, two squash courts, a bowling green, a modern clubhouse, and a car park for members.


Artist's impression of view to club from The Banbury Road (comments from Paul Martin- tennis captain)

This lovely watercolour painting by Yvonne Harrington was commissioned by the Tennis Committee in response to some concerns raised by Tennis Members related to the Banbury Road boundary line, near the main entrance gate.  The concerns were:

  • The cutting back of the plants along the boundary line had resulted in a reduction in club privacy and an increase in noise from Banbury Road reaching the tennis courts;
  • The length of time it would take for the plants to re-form an effective boundary for both privacy and noise reduction.

To respond to these concerns in a meaningful way, the Tennis Committee commissioned the work to give a view of the boundary, as it should look in the spring of 2022, once various parts of the plant-life have had time to grow. 

 As Tennis Captain, I would like to highlight that throughout 2019 David Howells single-handedly transformed the Banbury Road boundary line approximately 20-30 metres either side of the main entrance gate.  He removed many dead plants and cut back many overgrown plants.  He planted new plants where required to ensure both an aesthetically pleasing result as well as an effective barrier would be achieved in years to come.  He made a Herculean effort and we owe him our thanks.  Understandably, this type of work has a short-term impact while plants need to grow.  To manage costs and to improve the chance of success, David elected to plant young plants that would grow quickly.  Already, in the spring of 2020 we are seeing the result of his good work, but it will be 1-2 years before the barrier reaches the point depicted in the painting.  At that point, with leaf-cover, we should have an effective, pretty and interesting boundary line that does justice to our club.

Thanks to David and Yvonne for working together to produce this lovely and accurate painting.

Visitor access off the Banbury Road. Parking available in St. Nicholas Park car park. Further details available on our contact page.


Warwick Boat Club invested £200,000 on a major scheme to extend and refurbish the clubhouse in 2012. The exterior of the pavilion maintains its traditional appearance in keeping with the historic local conservation area.

We have a Meeting Room which is available to hire for a private meeting to Club Members. Please enquire for availability and pricing. Lunch and refreshments are available from Cafe


The extended bar serves a wide range of premium beers, lagers, and wine. The bar area has a mix of Continental-style high stools and tables, complemented by areas with soft luxurious sofas and low tables.

The Bar is open daily. 

Monday to Friday 5pm - Close

Saturday 12pm to Close 

Sunday 11.30am to Close

Please note: If The Club is empty with no further bookings The Bar will Close accordingly.

Kitchen and food

The cafe is open, as follows

Monday 9.30am - 2pm

Tuesday 9.30am - 3pm

Wednesday 9.30am - 3pm

Thursday 9.30am - 3pm

Friday 9.30am - 3pm

Saturday 9.30am - 5pm

Sunday 9am - 1pm

Please note: If it is pouring with rain, the Cafe will close.

For private bookings please contact Ewelina on 07552 165698 or at 


TV and meeting room

A TV area has been created, showing BT Sport and terrestrial channels. Major international sporting occasions often have special breakfasts and lunches served, as members come together to watch major events. The bar also has a TV.   Our meeting room was also part of the refurbishment.

Changing rooms

Well-appointed changing rooms for men and women include spacious changing areas with secure lockers, non-slip shower rooms, and toilets.

Car Park

Access to the Club car park on Mill Street is for members with permits only and is managed by an automatic parking control system triggered by a proximity card for each car.


We have a right of way over the drive linking Mill Street to the Club.  We do not own this land and the right of way is not exclusive.  Because of the close proximity of our neighbour’s houses, the Club has committed itself, and its members, to use the drive in a way that is understanding and courteous to our neighbours.  All members are requested to bear in mind the sensitivities involved.  Please make sure that you are familiar with these car parking rules.

The car park is open to those members who have purchased an access card, and who have a permit for their car.  Cars weighing more than 1.8 tonnes (Electric) and 1.65 tonnes (Non Electric) or over 2m high are not permitted to use the car park. Visitors are not permitted to use our car park unless special arrangements have been made.  Please direct visitors to use St Nicholas Park car park.

Access to the car park is managed by an automatic parking control system.  This is explained further down in this page – please make sure you are familiar with how it works.

The barrier will only admit cars from 8.30am Monday to Friday, 9.00am on Saturdays and 9.30am on Sundays.  The car park is closed at 11.00pm each day (though earlier if the club is quiet).  Cars are not permitted to exit within 30 minutes of entry and vice versa.

The car park has 28 designated spaces it will not admit cars when full.  This is indicated by a red light above the arch at the head of the drive and another by the car park entrance.  Please park carefully within the spaces marked by the yellow lines and posts.  If you park badly and take up more than one space the barrier may admit someone into the car park but they then find there is no space to park in. 

The car park may only be used when using the club facilities and not for general parking to go shopping etc.  Members observed doing so risk having their card deactivated.

PERMITS MUST BE DISPLAYED AT ALL TIMES WHEN YOU ARE PARKED AT THE CLUB. Permits cost £66.00 per year per car and are available on request from the club office (email

Please do not enter the drive 
1. If another car is on the drive or entering or exiting the car park
2. If you see that the red light is on (the upper one is visible from roundabout at the top of Mill Street).

Do not to exceed 5mph on the driveway at any time.


All car movements are individually logged on a computer.  This can link the card number to the member and means we can identify the members breaking the rules.  Any member reported to have broken the rules will be issued with a written warning – this is open to appeal.  Any further contravention of the rules will lead to that member being banned from using the car park and the deactivation of their access card.


Please remember if members break the club’s car parking rules it will endanger the use of the drive for all members.




  • The car park is only to be used only when making use of club facilities.  It is not for general parking for the purposes of shopping in Warwick, walking to the station, collecting children from school etc.
  • To enter the car park, activate the barrier by holding your access card close to the card reader which is situated on the right hand side of the gate.  Allow the system time to react as presenting the card twice in quick succession may trigger the delay mechanism.
  • Once in the car park, the barrier will not allow exit within 30 minutes and vice versa.



  • The control system is set to allow 28 cars in the car park at any one time.
  • Each movement is logged on the computer: by date, time and card number.
  • This means the system will detect breaches of the rules, such as: a member already parked attempting to use their card to let another car enter or members attempting to leave the car park within the 30 minute prohibition period



  • When the car park is full, the red lights go on – one is by the barrier, the other is on the arch at the head of the drive in Mill Street. This can be seen from the top of Mill Street and you should avoid driving down the street when you see the red light is on. PLEASE DO NOT SIT ON MILL STREET WAITING FOR THE LIGHT TO GO OFF - USE ST NICKS CARPARK.
  • When the red light is on, the barrier will not allow you to enter the car park. 
  • If a car is entering the drive ahead of you, wait at the entrance to the drive until it has passed through the barrier, to check that the car park still has space - do not tailgate cars down the drive!  If you did follow another car down the drive and the car park full light comes on you will have to trespass on our neighbours’ drive space to turn around.  This is against club rules.
  • You must not wait at either end of the drive in the hope that a space will become free.  This is against the club rules and may cause you to block Mill Street.  If the car park is full, please depart immediately and park in St Nicholas Park car park.



  • There are 28 spaces marked out in the car park (plus 2 for staff by the bar store). These are denoted by yellow posts and yellow lines of bricks in the ground.  These mark the edges of each space – not, as some members seem to believe, the centre of their own, special super-size space!
  • Too often we find members parking carelessly, going over the edge of a marked space and denying another member use of the adjoining space.



  • You can only exit the car park by means of the card.  However, only present the card to the reader once and wait for the barrier to rise.  If you do not give the system time to operate and present the card again it will assume you are trying to get out within the 30 minute prohibition period and prevent you leaving.

Photo Gallery

Our club facilities include:

  • 11 artificial grass tennis courts
  • 2 squash courts
  • 2km of navigatable river
  • 4 rink bowling green
  • Fantastic location
  • Modern clubhouse
  • Bar – open seven nights a week
  • Kitchen and food
  • TV and meeting room
  • Changing rooms with lockers and showers
  • Members only car park