New Rowing Members

Are you a new member at Warwick Boat Club?


Warwick Boat Club has a newly established Junior Section, running weekly sessions and regular training camps for young people aged 14+. For further information, please refer to our Junior pages.


Our Learn-to-Row courses attract many newcomers to the sport, and equip them with all the basic skills to scull or sweep-oar row safely. Courses last one month, with two sessions per week, and are designed to allow people to try the sport and decide if it suits them, without a massive initial outlay. Contact for details. The next LTR will run from Tuesday the 19th of March to Saturday the 13th of April 2019. Please fill out this form to get on the mailing list or visit again on the 19th of February to sign up. Please see our news page for more information about the Learn to Row course at Warwick Boat Club. 

Once completed, athletes who join the club are then put into an Improvers group to allow them to hone their skills, and progress towards the status of a racing crew. The Improvers session on a Saturday morning is specifically tailored to bring more experienced rowers and new novices together to receive coaching, find new crew combinations, and transition to the senior squad.

Novice racers then progress through the established classifications of the sport based on their performances at regattas.

New and experienced coxes are particularly valued, and assisted in their development by experienced cox-coaches.

Coaches assist all club members whenever required.