Tennis Court Booking

Tennis Court Booking

Our aim is to make tennis courts available to everyone that is as fair as possible. For the vast majority of the time members can just turn up and play – there’s no charge for the court.

On the rare occasions when there aren’t enough courts for the players who turn up at the club we have produced a variety of booking systems for different courts.

All courts are available for play in accordance with the following booking and allocation system.

  • Court 11 is a dedicated court for Junior Members; Court 8 has priority for coaching and can be booked through the Manager of Tennis: Seniors, or juniors with senior status have priority on all other courts. There is no priority for double over singles
  • The tennis committee approves bookings in advance for matches, tournaments, coaching, special events and club member social tennis sessions. These must be booked through the Manager of Tennis
  • The following Court reservations apply
    Two courts are reserved for league matches Monday / Tuesday / Thursday / Friday from 6.00pm onwards during the summer season. Other courts may be required.
    Please see the court booking sheets in the clubhouse or the online system for all details of reserved courts.
  • Other than the online system, all other bookings are for 45 minute sessions, as shown on the booking sheets.
  • Courts 1 to 5 (or unbooked courts 6 to 11) may not be booked more than 15 minutes in advance and only when three or more members are present at the clubhouse..
  • Players on courts that have not been booked in the booking sheets or online, in accordance with the above rules, have no standing and risk being removed by players who book correctly.

Online Bookings

Please visit

  • Between mid September and and when the clocks move to British Summer Time in March senior members, and juniors with senior status may book floodlit courts using the on-line booking system. The bookable session has a duration of one and a half hours. Floodlights will automatically switch off at 10.00pm. If the courts are not booked, when the on-line booking system is in operation, one can use the courts for the amount of time the left in the session, but a booking must be made on the system. The booking fee is part of the cost that covers the running of the floodlights.
  • The summer booking system is for courts 6 to 11 inclusive which can be booked online from 9.30am at 90min intervals. This is a trial period for 2016 and your feedback would be welcome.

    Courts can be booked for doubles and singles.
    The sessions are 9.30, 11.00, 12.30, 14.00, 15.30, 17.00, 18.30, 20.00hrs
    Courts 1 to 5 will be turn up and play as per the existing rules.
    We shall be adding the option of booking our tennis ball machine to courts 11 and 8 and the booking of our Go Pro video camera to courts 6 to 11.