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Bowled Over wins inaugural Quiz Night

The first Sunday night quiz was held on 28th July.

Ten teams  participated in the first monthly quiz, with 58 participants. The winning team with 80 points was 'Bowled Over’ (Jude and Rod Bambridge, Sue Probert, David Howells, Sandra and Martin Dean), two points ahead of 'Norfolk and Chance’. The team with the Lowest score, 'Fishy Business’ with 39 points, went away with a bag of turnips. Their knowledge of geography resulted in the quizmaster having concern as to whether they would find their way home!
The quiz was deemed a great success. Over 30 meals were served and the bar did some good business.
A big thanks to Matt Bates who supplied the audio equipment for the event.
Most of the participants will support the next event and it is hoped that numbers and revenue will increase. Following feedback it is recommended that the next quiz should start at 7pm to ensure everything is concluded by 9.30pm.

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