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40 - NOT OUT

Mike Rigby, Captain of Warwick Boat Club (WBC), had a busy afternoon on Sunday 4th September, when he made presentations to a number of Warwickshire junior tennis final players, but most importantly he also made a presentation to Berkeley Bugg, a member of of WBC Bowls Section.

Berkeley joined WBC in 1976 as a member of the Club bar staff, this year he celebrated his 40th year in the same position, admittedly he does not now work as many hours behind the bar as he did for most of those years, but when he does it is with the same efficiency and good humour as in his early years.

Since 2014 Berkeley has also been the Tour Organiser of the Bowls Section Annual Spring Tour - not an easy task, and is now in the process of finalising the details of the 2017 Spring Tour.

Mike Rigby had previously asked Berkeley what he would like from the club to mark this auspicious milestone, and after giving it a lot of thought and with some input from Janice, his lovely and ever thoughtful wife, whose help along all those years has been very much appreciated, Berkeley had requested a shed.   

Unable to fit a shed into the boot of his car, Mike had brought a substitute miniature to the presentation - the larger model will be delivered direct to Berkeley's home.

Images from the presentation can be seen below.



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