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Driveway dispute concluded


The formal legal document was signed on Friday 1st October 2021 by Club Captain Mike Rigby, after final approvals were received from the Club directors.

There will be a full communication regarding the details of the agreement, but the key points for members to appreciate at this stage are:

·* We have reached a settlement agreement that is a compromise for both sides to avoid a trial and significant further legal costs

* We will continue to manage the use we make of the drive using the basic approach which is familiar to members and staff

* Cars currently permitted to access the car park within the previous weight limits will continue to be allowed in, until the member chooses to change their vehicle

* For new permits, the limit on vehicle weights will be reduced to 1650 kg for any internal combustion engine or hybrid vehicle. Electric vehicles will still be permitted up to 1800kg. This is primarily to manage the size of vehicles using the drive. This clause has caused some debate at our general committee, but the settlement agreement allows for these limits to be reviewed annually at a formal management meeting with our neighbours.

* Members who live in Mill Street will be permitted to use the drive as pedestrians – but no other member will be allowed to do so. But that is no great hardship, as it is quicker to get into the Club via the Banbury Road entrance and in any case, no pedestrians have been allowed to use the drive during the pandemic

* There are other aspects of our settlement agreement, such as improved signage and barrier automation which will make the drive easier to use for our members. We will provide full details in due course.

Said Mike: “I am delighted we have been able to bring this dispute to a successful conclusion, and draw a line under more than 20 years of friction between the Club and the drive owner.

“Many Club directors and VPs have contributed to the process, and I thank them all - but would like to acknowledge the massive contribution made by James Alty in particular.

“As with many negotiations, there has been give and take on both sides, but we are all pleased to have reached an agreement without incurring the potential costs of a court case.

“This agreement should ensure our use of the drive can continue for many years to come.”

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