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Pairs Ladder Challenge Mary Wheildon and Ellie Hurst v David and Pat Carson

Having already successfully moved up the ladder by previously beating Margaret Lawson and Mary Hargreaves, and in pursuit of the top spot Mary and Ellie challenged David and Pat Carson.
The game on Friday was played in very blustery and showery conditions but nonetheless proved to be very close and exciting.  Playing very well the Carsons took an early lead and were 6-4 at the midway point after 6 ends. They continued to put the pressure on and after 11 ends were winning 12-9 in spite of playing long jacks which both pairs took in their stride in spite of the challenging conditions.  Going in to the 12 and final end Mary and Ellie needed 3 to draw and 4 to win the end.  Could the pair, a mixture of youthful exuberance coupled with knowledge and experience possibly achieve this? The Carsons continued with their solid game and holding one with Marys last bowl to be delivered thought that they had all but won the game.  However that was not the case as Mary took the jack back and in a single shot Mary and Ellie were holding 3 to draw the game.  An extra end had to be played and it was closely contested with Mary and Ellie ending up 1 up.  A very enjoyable game to watch and now Mary and Ellie have challenged the Ashleys in pursuit of that top spot.  Watch this space!!

Jacqui Ashley

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