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Club captain updates bowlers on development plans

Mike Rigby told the bowls section’s presentation dinner on Saturday November 2 that the outcome of the club’s application for planning permission should be known by January.

There had been some objections from neighbours about lighting on the proposed new bowling green and use of the car park but Mike was optimistic that these concerns could be answered. If permission is granted, the big challenge will be raising enough cash to pay for the project, approximately £3million.

Grants from some sporting bodies, particularly the LTA, have become more difficult to secure recently.

The total cost of the project amounted to around £2,000 per member, which he believed was achievable, especially when other financial aid sources  were taken into account. He stressed any contribution from members would always be without pressure and completely voluntary.

Mike said he was pleased that WBC bowlers had achieved success this year and that there was healthy competition, as was the case in others sections of the club. He then presented trophies to the internal competition winners.

Bowls section captain Martin Dean highlighted the successes of brother and sister David Hurst and Jacqui Ashley in the competitions. He thanked all who had helped with the dinner, especially the organiser Celia Bellamy, who received a bouquet from Carolyn Labrum.

Men’s 4-woods winner - David Hurst; runner-up Les Anscombe.

Ladies’ 4-woods winner - Jacqui Ashley; runner-up Margaret Lawson.

Men’s 2-woods winner - David Hurst; runner-up Les Anscombe.

Ladies’ 2-woods winner - Vivienne Griffin; runner-up Chris Hurst.

Men’s pairs winners - Peter Gawthorpe and Peter Lamb; runners-up David Hurst and David Carson.

Ladies’ pairs winners - Chris Hurst and Jacqui Ashley; runners-up Carolyn Labrum and Pat Carson.

Mixed pairs winners - Martin Dean and Cosette Lawton; runners-up David Hurst and Di Wood. Plate winner - Vivienne Griffin.

Graham Shaw trophy for most improved player - Judith Bambridge.

Most points in Friday Gala - Barbara Anscombe.

Ladies v Gents cup winners - Ladies captain Di Wood.

Photos by Sandra Dean and Peter Gawthorpe

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