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Bowls Pairs Ladder

Ten pairs took up this challenge at the start of August. The teams entered the ladder alphabetically and to date, all ten teams have played at least one match against another pair so there has been frequent movement on the ladder (the current placings are displayed in the marquee and below). There have been some very closely fought encounters, a few played in challenging conditions but no less exciting to watch from the relative comfort of the marquee.   The Ashleys, due to their surname, took top spot on the ladder at the start but have staved off the challenges to remain there at the present time. But for how long?
As there are a number of Internal Competitions currently being played, I intend to extend the Ladder Matches until nearer the end of the season and so will freeze the ladder on FRIDAY 25th SEPTEMBER.  If anyone wishes to join in now, on the bottom rung of course, please get in touch and I will add you to the ladder. 

Di Wood


1. Jacqui Ashley and Jeremy Ashley

2,Celia Bellamy and Di Wood

3. Peter Boardman and Dianne Harvey

4. Ellie Hurst and Mary Wheildon

5. David Carson and Pat Carson

6. Chris Hurst and David Hurst

7. Barry Golding and Anthony Philips

8. Mary Hargreaves and Margaret Lawson

9. Colin Harris and Nick Walker

10. Alan Parker and Pam Parker


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