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Bowls Ladder Match

Chris and David Hurst were given little time to bask in the glory of Top Spot on the ladder! As predicted, daughter Ellie and her partner Mary Wheildon, challenged them to a match which was played on Sunday morning in glorious sunshine.
Mary and Ellie started well, winning on the first two ends but Chris and Dave soon got into their stride and by the ninth end were leading 8 -4 with just three ends remaining.  On the tenth end all four players battled hard with each shot with Ellie placing three of her woods at the back, behind the jack. This was a golden opportunity which Mary was not going to let pass her by. With her usual accuracy (and formidable size 5 woods!) she trailed the jack with her own wood to where Ellie’s were so they took 4 on the tenth end. They duly followed this up by scoring three on the next. Chris and Dave took the winning shot on the final end but it was not enough and Mary and Ellie won the match 11 – 9 to take top spot on the ladder. This was a perfect end to the season for Ellie who has now returned to Cardiff University. Mary will play the remainder of her ladder matches alongside young Abby Ward who has agreed to take Ellie’s place. 

Written by Di Wood

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