Squash Coaching

Squash Coaching

Our two coaches are,

Ali Jafari

I was a late comer to squash and began my journey at 12 years old, my love and dedication to the sport has led me to compete in the national circuit and tournaments culminating with turning pro at the age 22.

I have remained an active PSA player and have competed all around the world including, Europe, Australia, Africa and Middle East. I am enrolled onto a coaching programme with England Squash where I am currently level 2 and will soon graduate to level 3. My coaching education is born out of a desire to develop the next cohort of squash players regardless of their age or level of play; I believe excellent coaching is important for people of all ages & abilities along with being important for the game: a rising tide lifts all boats!

I am passionate about squash & my approach to coaching is holistic, taking into account nutrition, strength training and a positive mental attitude. I see myself as a role-model for younger players, I not only want to coach them to victory on the court, I also want to successfully demonstrate how to conduct themselves properly on and off the courts. I have an impressive track record of coaching numerous nationally ranked juniors and champions in Australia, Middle East and England which include a number of the current top 5 ranked players including the no1 ranked player in the Nation Championship.

I am looking forward to starting at Warwick Boat Club and hope to meet as many members as I can. Win or cruise I guarantee that my methods are simple, effective and fun. I recommend that anyone who is in any way interested in squash gets in touch; as a time,  limited promotion, I will be offering a free 20 minute session, for members that are not currently receiving coaching from me. These sessions will be used as an analysis of your game to better understand you as a player.

Call me or text me on 07307 247 584

Alison Insley

Hi, I’m Alison Insley, a lover of all things that involve fun, fitness and friendship...in summary squash and racketball. I first picked up a squash racket in May 1989, it was actually a first date with the man who
became, and still is, my husband, so it was the start of two lifelong partnerships! Squash has become a part of my daily life and I try to get on court everyday either to play a friendly match, do some routines or just keep on top of my fitness.

I play for the Ladies Squash Team here at Warwick Boat Club in the Warwickshire League and occasionally get called up to play for the men’s third team too...only when they are desperate though! I also manage and
play for in the Warwickshire County Ladies Over 40s Squash Team as well as previously running the Junior Squash and Ladies League at Freedom Fitness in Warwick. I’ve been delivering squash coaching at a beginner/intermediate level since 2001 and I am now a Level 3 qualified Talent Development Squash Coach. I am also a qualified Club Referee; I hold a First Aid Certificate and attend coaching workshops to keep my knowledge and skills up to date.

If you have never picked up a racket or want to improve your squash or are a returning player, then I can tailor lessons to suit your personal needs. All you have to do is turn up
wearing your sports kit, non-marking trainers, racket in hand and ready to learn, listen, develop, and enjoy the best sport on the planet!

Call me or text me on 07917 181009. Thank you for reading and showing an interest in squash.